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's getting crushed by google and its stock price is getting hammered. but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat, with no added sugar or salt. try adding fruit for more health benefits and more taste in your bowl. it's the ideal way to start your heart healthy day. try post shredded wheat. this has been medifacts for post shredded wheat. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. >>> do you know what this is? of course you do. apple has sold more than 300 million iphones since it introduced them back in, believe it or not, 2007. but this may be less familiar. even so, google's android operating system has been cru
from google. >> alison, so good to see you. thank you. >> sure. >>> cyber attacks against the u.s. an american firm is linking the chinese government to hacking. i'm talk to a man who hacks computers for a living. >>> controversial advice to kids from top law enforcement. what to do if they're confronted by a gunman. there's a training video here. our panel is going to discuss it. stay close. ns, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: scottrade- proud to be ranked "best overall client experience." a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only
a smartphone. google introduced smart glasses so you can search the internet without even looking down. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of succulent lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine lobster and lobster tacos. it's back, but not for long. [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream. what's yours? come celebrate lobsterfest and sea food differently. >>> one of the world's most recognizable streets is shut down after a deadly shooting this morning. kate bolduan is monitoring that. what happened? >> can you believe it, right on the vegas strip. three people were killed on a violent scene in vegas. someone stopped at a stoplight and shot into a maserati. you can see the taxi cab bursting into flames. police are searching for a black range rover sport with large, black rims. >>> a massi
driving cars. like google has been testing the technology if years in the bay area. nissan will most current resources from japan to sunnyvale five miles from google headquarters. nissan c.e.o. believes self driving cars will not be feasible in the united states this will 2020 because of legal and technological hurdles. >> the horse meat food scandal centered in britain and ireland is growing and nestle is removing beef meals from shelfs in italy and spain after traces of horse d.n.a. were found. the food giant is were toking the sale of frozen meat to catering businesses in france. nestles said the beef was supplied by a german company. horse meat has found its way into ready to eat meals across europe in a meat mislabeling scandal that has shaken the food industry. >> a study finds women do worse than men after hip replacement surgery. kaiser permanente researchers in southern california looked at 35,000 case and found women have a slightly higher risk of implant failure because of dislocation. it doesn't matter what type of device was implanted. women are more likely to need a sec
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valley to develop self driving cars. google has been testing the technology for years in the bay area and nissan will move the current resources from japan to sunnyvale five miles from google headquarters and the c.e.o. believes self driving cars will not be feasible in the united states until 2020 because of regulation, and legal and technological hurdles. >> the horse meat food scandal centered in britain and ireland is growing and nestle is removing beef's that meals from shelfs in italy and spain after traitses of horse d.n.a. were found. they are stopping sale of frozen meat to catering businesses in france. nestles say the contaminated beach was applied by a german company and has been found across europe in a meat mislabeling scandal. >> a study finds women do worse than men after hip replacement surgery. kaiser permanente researchers in southern california looked at 35,000 cases and found women have a higher risk of implant failure because of dislocation. it doesn't matter what type of device was implanted. women are more likely to need a second surgery. they restore mobility
head to head with google's g mail to welcome new users, microsoft is financing what it believes to be the biggest marketing blitz in the history of e-mail. we'll see ads on prime time tv, radio stations, website, billboards and buses, also you give a second look to outlook which so many of us used a million years ago maybe making a comeback. >> they're trying their best. charlie had a great interview with bill gates and talked about the hits and misses over the years. >> that's all part of that marketing plan. >> they're trying to ramp it up. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> how to cut costs for college. some ideas that maybe you haven't heard about before or maybe haven't thought about so we'll bring those to you. >> we're taking notes. >>> it's a little too late for all those passengers who were stranded at sea for days. >> but investigators have pinpointed a source of what caused the cruise ship triumph to lose power. that story is coming up. >> plus, we're getting some hint abouts hillary clinton's plans for at least her >>> welcome back. grab the rain ge
warfare. >> quick story while we're talking about technology. it has been rumored google would unveil their google glasses. the glasses that you wear that can take video and pictures. they released a new video yesterday that sort of confirmed it is out there. that they're coming. you put these glasses on. it has like a little block situation up at the top corner. you can take photos with it. you can send messages, e-mails launch a video chat, hangout you can conduct a search, get driving directions, get the weather, all of these on the glasses that you wear. the prototype, you can preorder for the low low price of $1500. >> bill: i'm surprised it is that low. there is a story in the new york times in the business section about the big issue now with these computer glasses or what are they? >> they're calling them google glasses. or gaggle glass. -- or google glass. >> bill: they want them to be stylish like ray-bans. >> don't want to be nerdy. >> i'll tweet out a link so you can see what they look like. >> bill: i'm sorry. i don't want -- i spend a lot of time on my computer but i don
that they didn't google the other two guys that he was golfing with. >> right. they didn't mention it. they didn't google it. it doesn't matter. they're not complaining about golfing with oil men. they're complaining about golfing with a celebrity and that they didn't get their time to ask tying area few questions. >> all right. two days ago senator marco rubio said the president's plan on immigration was dead on arrival. the president today reached out to several senators, including senator rubio. both sides have released statements saying they are committed to a bipartisan commission and they agree there is progress. joan, what is going on here? these statements are very diplomatic given the statements telephone last few days. we have gone from dead on a rival to these guys talking to one another. what does it say about the president reaching out to senator rubio? >> well, it seems like it helped. and it is also clear there had been staff communications all along that the president is not doing this in a vacuum, and that they know that they can't do it without democrats either. so it's actuall
not be the real thing. we'll take a look at fish next. and how does it feel to wear google's new glasses. this is a company that has a video that gives you a glimpse at reality altering eye wear. that's right. it's the real deal. right after this. first what dr. gupta has coming up on the next list. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this week on the next list -- >> my name is diandiana. i like to work with electronics in fashion. it's what people think of as adding technology to a garment. >> that is so clever. >> i integrated in a way where the circuit can become a part of the design itself. i work with conductive thread which replaces wires. today this dress has some magic powers. >> no. it's the electronics. it has some circuit boards over here and microcontrollers in there. basically like a little computer and then there's a microphone over here. so the microphone senses if there's sound and then the little computer over here will make these l.e.d.s light up because they are connected with conductive thread instead of wires. as a designer i ultimately want to create products that people can r
there and start a company. meanwhile, facebook has growing offices in dublin and google is complaining of immigration issues. >> michael: i know a lot of ceos are putting their effort into comprehensive immigration reform. you believe it should be stand alone. it should not be part of comprehensive reform, is that right? >> true. congress has approval rating of 14%. without overwhelming pressure i wouldn't trust them with a box of matches. comprehensive immigration re retournament is a divisive simple but visa and start up they would more likely to succeed. >> michael: it's a conversation you don't see very often because we all have one idea of what immigration reform would look like and what they work towards but this is a very serious part of the economy and it's being hurt by too strict of an immigration policy. >> 40% of companies were found by immigrants or their children. it's starving this country of the same kind of risk takers that made the american economy. >> michael: really interesting stuff. something that you don't hear too much about immigration. coming up, dirty smoke f
. >> just google, and you'll see the images that pop up. she's got several mug shots. >> reporter: on top of stints in and out of jail and rehab, the singer was plagued by a long list of other problems. eight years ago, billy mcknight, the father of her oldest son, was charged with attempting to kill her. in 2008, she made headlines again over a rumored affair with baseball pitching legend roger clemens that reportedly started in her teens. two years later, on cbs news, she addressed reports that she had tried to commit suicide twice before. >> i was never in a state in which i was conscious and with it and said "oh, i want to die." >> reporter: sunday afternoon, authorities found mccready's body on the porch of her arkansas home, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. her death comes just weeks after david wilson, the singer's boyfriend and father of her 10-month-old son, was believed to have killed himself. >> he didn't just -- he didn't just touch my heart. he touched my soul. [ crying ] he was my soul mate. >> reporter: like
. >> the google. >> absolutely. so we're going to talk a little bit about this news overseas. this oscar pistorius story keeps getting more strange. he's back in a south african court this morning as prosecutors lay out their case in the alleged murder of his girlfriend. prosecutors revealed that witnesses heard screaming and fighting coming from the house for about an hour before the shooting. police say a key piece of forensic evidence will be the angle from which the bullets were fired at miss steenkamp. prosecutors say pistorius put on his prosthetic legs and walked about 20 feet before shooting and killing reason that steenkamp who was locked in his bathroom. pistorius said he was not wearing his prosthetic legs at the time. investigators say it looks like the bullets were fired the aa downward angle, putting that part of the track star's story in some question. pistorius who sobbed in court on tuesday says he thought an intruder managed to get into the house, and they had no intention to keel steenkamp who he says died in his arms. his defense team is asking for bail so pistorius can avoid w
in terms of chuck hagel. as the white house said, president obama, during a google plus hangout said they're running out of questions to ask. that's the position of this administration. and as given from what we heard from john mccain and from others on the sunday shows, it appears that as best possible, they've asked the questions that they want. they may be dissatisfied with the answers. but as mccain noted, they don't intend to hold up this confirm medication much longer. >> nbc's peter alexander, thanks so much. appreciate it. >>> come up, marriage equality supporters in illinois have declared a hurdle after a state senate approved a same-sex marriage bill. but the issue heads to the divided house. we'll take a closer look raging in the land of lincoln. >>> first, a lot going on today. here are some of the things we thought you should know. former secretary of state and potential 2016 democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is joining the lucrative speaker circuit. the harry walker agency confirms it will be representing her. it already represents her husband. meanwhile, pol
. like googling santorum while your grandma looks over your shoulder stupid. it is stupid and everybody knows it. >> democrats, republicans, business leaders and economists, they have already said that these cuts known here in washington as sequestration are a bad idea. >> if the looming sequester strikes, 70,000 young children would be kicked off headstart. 10,000 teacher jobs will be at risk. >> let me make clear i don't like the sequester. >> i think we should in bipartisan fashion stop sequestration before in the words of the secretary of defense destroys the pentagon. >> everybody hates this thing. but in addition to hating this thing and agreeing that it is a bad idea, it would be very bad for the country and we shouldn't do it, they also all agree that it's the other guy's fault. president obama held a press conference this week in which he said it was the republicans holding the country hostage. meanwhile, republicans have tried to make this a household word, obamaquester. john boehner really wanted to lay the sequester at the feet of the president, the obamaquester, they want y
did not realize that that digital divide included google. >> stephanie: right. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: you have got to hear -- at writer explained this how he inadvertently created the myth that chuck hagel spoke to a nonexistent hamas group. >> exactly. and then they dig their heels in. basically what happened this guy dan friedman wrote -- he was trying to get out of his sources for stories, and he was joking around with the republican senate aide. he is like did he get money from this or that group. >> stephanie: he said has he given a speech to the friends of hamas. >> so this senate aid -- and friedman checked back in anything from friends from hamas? so all of a sudden this senate aid must have been gossiping around the office because right-martin news -- >> stephanie: there is the headline. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: white house spokesman ducks questions on friends of hamas. >> yes and then dan freedman comes out and explained why this probably happened and they refused to correct their story. >> stephanie: righ
to have a chance to talk with sebastian thrune, who is the engineer at google who is developing a engineless car. california, nevada make it legal to have a car without a driver. if you get to a high-quality driverless car, the degree for example, for elderly people with vision problems, you liberate their lives. the degree to which you reduce the cost of accidents, you take away 90 percent of current accident rates, you just had a revolution in cost and quality for the american system. but thrune is a remarkable figure. he had a class online, 151,000 students sign up worldwide, and the top stanford student was number 441 on the finals, there were that many quality people taking the course. his goal is to reduce tuition by 90%. you can look up udacity and google it. governor jerry brown just picked them to have a joint venture with san jose state. they're capping it at 300 students in phase one. we talk about a america, students optimistic, only 0%. that's the beginning of a positive future. >> newt gingrich, thank you very much. happy president's day. good luck with your live c
, a system that doesn't belong on the internet in a way. we can all look in through google earth and north korea still can't see its own country the way we can look at their military sites even on google earth now. at the assumption is opening up is a bigger threat than not opening up. and standing up is a threat and showing the outside powers to be a threat. we need to reverse this thinking to make it clear that actions not near words make the kim family regime more vulnerable not impregnable with provocations. so i mentioned military and defense measures have a role, unilateral, u.s. forces. right now we're running in the wrong direction with a readiness process -- crisis and a budget crisis. south korean military, park geun-hye's administration while the key opportunity to strengthen the south korean military role. we can talk about adapting deterrence, about improving readiness across the dmz, the northern limit line and cyberspace and elsewhere. obviously,
spice? >> yeah. >> we have this thing called google. i saw an image today of a secret drone base that maybe is flying drones into yes, ma'am minute. i know you want to comment than too. we can get images from virtually any place on the planet. >> back to my point you remember the slice that has to be slole season smaller than it used to be. i'm old enough to remember when we were doing image frs space it was so complicated and so expensive that only two nations could do it and only one could do it really well. now if i'm tired and can't sleep tonight and go home. i can go downstairs and pull up imagery of north korea and watch the missile being stacked there and to a degree of resolution that allows me to tell you how far away they might be. >> that used to be annual owned by you? >> yeah. i'm lookth ging at the audience, there are some old enough to remember the first call four. if you remember general puts a whole corp out here out beyond a ravine and the day before the land war started where are these guys. there is nothing in front of this corp. there is no opposing force. i
, i was at google, and every time i would interact with anyone externally, the one question they would ask me, search is wonderful, it is great to be able to find everything, how is anyone going to make any money from this? now that seems almost absurd, because search is the giant moneymaker online. that said, whenever you see consumers adopting a technology platform, a particular application like search with this much volume, you know that advertisers will want to participate. there's usually a way where you can introduce advertising such that it is not intrusive, that it adds value, that enhances the experience. that's what we need to work on. >> we can look back and see how that was done with search. everybody gets to play monday morning quarterback and feel smart about it. can you tell yet what some of the shifts will be in mobile that will allow mobile to duplicate the success of search as a money maker? it has to make money or else at some point innovation will grind to a halt. >> well, i think people already are. for example, the application stores, a lot of people sell applicat
of north korea who are desperate for more information or salivating, the chairman of google was visiting because they are thinking that the opportunities for their closed system internet. and then there's all the north koreans a sickly, the rest of north korea, most of north korea, where just puncturing the bubble of censure, of censorship that exist in north korea with what north korea really spends on defense, what it spends on its missile programs. i've always equated it to the lesson of development including the local aid budget upon the village schoolhouse door so villagers would know if the village elders were stealing the money. that was intended for the schoolhouse. i think we can through basic information in this age that more and more north koreans know about the human rights record. north korean database that's now a permanent growing database now, five, six years running becomes that kind of record that eventually will be impossible to keep out of north korean hands over a period of time, through various means. those are the kinds of things that can create a reform movement,
onstage, and only he could have done it. google it.- i want to integrate some responses, but i had some other things i wanted to talk about. i would want to say something about where we go from here. from a liberty point of view now?re we right there has been for a least since about 1995 and because of senator mcconnell, a strategy of just saying no to campaign finance regulation, restrictions. that has worked remarkably well. it is true mccain-feingold passed, but it resulted in is a soft money banned pit it has had a remarkable effect, but we have to ask, why is it that just say no had a remarkable effect? part of a is is that it fits pretty well with the first amendment. it has embodied the notion of just saying no to congress and saying consistently across the board, that is our position. it has been successful, as i mentioned earlier in my comments. giving in a little bit of leaves to a set of problems. what i want to ask is, is that the future? is that the way to go? what remains to be done? what kind of restrictions are there still on speech? i want to start with incremental thin
to -- little homework assignment here. you know what i would do with a question like that, google it right away. i can't do it on the air. there are studies out there that document that. let's put a couple of them up on our web site for dennis and other viewers and listeners who may want to learn more about this. i'll tell you they keep you busy. always lots to write about. always lots to talk about. it is good that you take this time to come in and share it with us. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: when we come back, i'll have a quick parting shot for today. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream. what's yours? come celebrate lobsterfest and sea food differently. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. >> announcer: the parting shot with bill press. should is the "bill press show." >> bill: well, you know, it is a slow news day when t
to see it, but with all the different platforms, in the next two or three years, google and apple will be two huge movie producers, they'll be in the business. when you have the time, it'll be anytime. >> anytime you want. on your couch. >> so can we talk about the project you want to do that harold was talking about before? >> i am -- the guy was not only an extraordinary musician, but what a tortured artist. >> yeah. i mean, i'm tortured talking about it because it's been a lot of years in -- >> we're talking about miles davis, so the viewers -- >> oh. >> it's one of the situations where you're taking a character that is not on the face of it necessarily the most sympathetic, to be sure. >> yeah. >> but no question, he's a master in one -- one of our modern masters and one of the greatest geniuses america has ever produced 37 but it's still a question of trying to wrestle this money from people who can buy into that story and that storytelling. so that's what we've been doing for the past few years is trying to -- i'm going to do what they did and just hijack some diamonds. i go
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)